• kid
    • March 30, 2009

    oh yeah I have been waiting for some device like that to come out for 50 yrs + it would be hilarious hearing a fart when your around 40 year old’s wow who ever made this sure put a lot of time into it hey i am thinking of making something………………..oh I have a great idea why don’t we make a thing that can fart whenever I want it to oh yeah that’s great but first lets think of some details for it yeah we can have a uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….. sneak atack were you can make it seem like someone else is farting yeah that is just great… it would just be great for the economy yeah instead of helping the stock market lets make a thing that farts it will please everyone and make there troubles go away. lastly how the hell is this going to help you I mean it could be a great joke and all but are you guys serious some on make something that is fun and will maybe help people.

  1. I got to see Joel Comm at the o2 arena in london late 2009 where he showed us the ifart app live on stage and the whole arena was in histerics. Can you imagine it, over 7,000 people wetting themselves with laughter, it was awesome. He also went on to show us all the sort of income possibilities from creating iphone apps and the figures can be staggering. Fun apps tend to sell the most and ifart is evidence of that when it made $27,000 in one day on the app store alone. Well done Joel and thanks for the insight into the industry which i’m now promoting through my own wesite.

  2. LOL, that’s a very nice app. Wanna have it!

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