Dinosaur Fart Sounds Video – Jurassic Farts

Our Jurassic Fart Sound pack is a big hit.

If your kids love dinosaurs, play them this video.   They’ll hear Mega Gassadon, DreadMa Poopus, Stinkasaurus Rex and Toota Dactyl.

Yes, these are actual Dinosaur Farts (okay, not really)

Get ALL TEN Dinosaur Fart Sounds when you download iFart*

Download Today!

(included on iOS, in app purchase on Android)

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iFart Mentioned on The Big Bang Theory

Okay, it would only be logical that Raj is talking about iFart here.. We probably should have named a fart Bazinga!

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iFart Breaks Into Song For Our Fifth Anniversary

It’s been five years since the release of the World’s Most Infamous App;  iFart Mobile.

To celebrate we decided to have a little fun with a parody of Katy Perry’s roar. “Fart” might have a familiar scent if you’re a fan of Weird Al Yankovic.  Click play and hold your nose.

With original lyrics by iFart creator Joel Comm, music track by Dustin Aßmuteit, vocals by the previously undiscovered Angel Butts and produced by Christopher Troy of Trahan Music, the song and video will hopefully inspire women to break loose once in awhile.

“Even five years after becoming headlines around the world, iFart continues to be purchased from the iTunes app store daily.” said Comm. He continued, “It’s a pop-culture phenomenon where even celebrities such as George Clooney, Lance Armstrong, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Kathie Lee Gifford and David Duchovney have experienced and delighted in the humor of this best-selling novelty app. What better way to celebrate iFart’s hang-time than through song?”

Fart is available for purchase in iTunes and the original iFart Mobile app is available for purchase in the iTunes Appstore.

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Are You A Social Farter?

Are you a social farter or just a victim of second hand farts? We thought we’d share a cut from this important public service message with you today.

If you’re a social farter, please fart responsibly. The iFart app is environmentally friendly and leaves no harmful after effects.

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