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Business Ideas That Laughed All the Way to the Bank

Apple tells developer: ‘We do not accept fart apps on the Apple Watch’

The Most Popular iOS Apps of All Time

Dumb and Dumber 2.0

To Boost AppStore Sales, iPhone Apps Need To Crack Top Fifty

iPhone Fart App Rakes in $10,000 a Day | Gadget Lab from

A plague of iPhone flatulence – Apple 2.0

iFart And Pull My Finger Battle To Stink Up The App Store.

Now the iPhone really is a gas – Computers-

How iFart iPhone software makes US$10,000 a day

Farts Are Where It’s At

Flatulence has never been so profitable: iFart’s success

Tech Trader Daily – Barron’s Online : Apple: iPhone Authors Report Sales Surge on Christmas

iFart developer makes $40,000 in 2 days | Edible Apple


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