iFart Mobile Named One of 20 All Time Paid Apps

ifartApple is about to celebrate their One Billionth app download in the iTunes store and has named iFart Mobile one of the the top 20 apps of all time.

See Top 20 Paid Apps in iTunes

This is a great honor for Infomedia Inc, and we would like to congratulate all the Top apps.

iFart has become a cultural phenomenon and as seen on this blog, it’s been featured on top news networks, radio shows, HBO and countless newspapers around the world.

Download iFart on iTunes today.

6 thoughts on “iFart Mobile Named One of 20 All Time Paid Apps

  1. Richard, when you find out who it is let us know.

    We simply said “One Of Top 20”.. Not #1 of Top 20. You’re reading it the wrong way.. If we thought that we were the #1 App of all time. I can assure you the headline would have really emphasized it.. Like iFart named #1 iPhone App of ALL TIME!!!

  2. Sean, if you just click our contact link you’ll see our instructions for solving the problem. I can assure you it’s not the app. Honestly it’s almost always that the users phone is on vibrate. Apple tests every app/update before approval, and we’ve only had a handful of issues out of 100’s of 1000’s of sales.

  3. As you have no doubt realised with the dearth of complaints in the review column on the apps store, the recent update SUCKS BIG TIME, as it fails to even open on the new iphone 3G S.
    Please post some sort of timetable on when you will have this sorted out, or start refunding all of your users, starting with me.

  4. The day after we realized there was a problem, we submitted a new update.. that was Monday of last week. We immediately updated our contact page with this info as well.

    Unfortunately, Apple works on their own timetable and there’s nothing we can do to expedite them approving the new update.

    I can assure you that we tested iFart thoroughly before releasing the update on four different devices in our office and on different OS’s. It worked perfectly.

    Apple also tests apps/updates thoroughly before approving them, so it worked for them as well.

    So at this point we are at the mercy of Apple approving the next update. We are very sorry for the problems users are experiencing. We tested thoroughly, apple tested, something happened, and we’re waiting for approval of another update which will hopefully solve the issues.

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