iFart Lite Just Released in App Store

It has arrived.. the moment millions have been waiting for…  a defining moment in the history of flatulence.

We know the economy is tough these days and that countless 1000’s of people have been saving their pennies so they could afford the greatest fart app of all time.

Even though the original iFart is just $0.99, we realize it’s been out of reach for those who are willing to spend to $200 for a phone and $60 per month on a cell plan.

And let’s face it, it’s not like you can just create farts for free.

So we are proud to present iFart Lite.   Smells Great, Less Expensive.

We’ve cut 10 of our Most Popular Farts for your listening pleasure , and even included our famous security fart feature.

All For Free!

Download on iTunes Today!

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