Dinosaur Fart Sounds Video – Jurassic Farts

Our Jurassic Fart Sound pack is a big hit.

If your kids love dinosaurs, play them this video.   They’ll hear Mega Gassadon, DreadMa Poopus, Stinkasaurus Rex and Toota Dactyl.

Yes, these are actual Dinosaur Farts (okay, not really)

Get ALL TEN Dinosaur Fart Sounds when you download iFart*

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(included on iOS, in app purchase on Android)

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Presidential Debates – Fart Sounds

If doesn’t matter who you’re voting for this video is pretty funny.  When you’re watching the 2016 Debates remember Trump and Clinton both have to hold their farts in for 90 minutes.  That’s impressive. (more…)

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Fart Sounds

We were under pressure not to release this video, but we just couldn’t hold it back any longer.

We know there are people who need to get their daily fix of fart sounds and noises. There are some who need to prank their friends or a random stranger in a public restroom.

If that describes you, feel free to use this Fart Sounds video anytime you need it.

Or you could just download everyone’s favorite fart app – iFart.  That would make more sense.

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How To Get More App Reviews

App developers are always looking for more ratings and reviews for their apps.    Strong ratings and positive reviews drive both rankings and installs. They can make or break an app.

At iFart we take every chance we can to make our users smile and laugh. It’s why we’ve become on of the most popular apps of all time. (and certainly the most infamous)

So when we were trying to brew up a creative way to get more ratings and reviews for our app we went into our research stall to fartstorm some ideas.

It was there we got the inspiration to create the “Fart-O-Rater” feature on the iFart fart wheel (currently on iOS only).

What does the Fart-O-Rater do?   Watch the video to see.

The sound was recorded in one take and no animals were harmed in its production.

We just added the Fart-O-Rater feature so we don’t have any data yet on its success. And we still need to link it to the review area in our next update. But if it makes our customers laugh that’s all that matters for now.

Can you do something funny and creative with your app to increase app ratings and reviews?

Give it a try.

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