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iFart Social – This Update Stinks, So Tell Everyone

It’s been awhile since the last iFart update, but over the summer we felt an idea rumbling and decided it was time for a big release.

So we’re pleased to announce our iFart Social Update.

You can now use our Social Fart Icon to share the wonders of the World Famous iFart app with friends, family and important business contacts.

If you’re going to post on Facebook that you just had a burrito for lunch, why not create a more realistic update by sharing “Burrito Maximo” from our fart wheel?

Your followers will be able to click a link in your update that opens their audio player on their computer or plays directly on their smartphone.

You can use iFart Social with…

  • Facebook
  • Email
  • Twitter
  • SMS
  • Delicious
  • Evernote
  • Google Reader
  • Instapaper
  • Pinboard
  • Read It Later
  • Tumbler
  • And More..

If you are looking to make your friends and followers laugh… or perhaps want to trim down those without a sense of humor.  You’ll love this update.

Download iFart Today


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iFart Stuns Programming World With New Scent Technology For iPhone

The makers of iFart Mobile, one of the most popular iphone applications of all time have announced a major technological breakthrough in the iPhone platform.

iFart’s developers created an “olfactic framework” which works inside Apple’s SDK and enables them to release digital scents via the iPhone speaker.

When the scent function (codename: uSmell)  is activated in the iFart app, a signal is sent to iFart servers or what they call their “methane mainframes” which returns a coding sequence back to the olfactic framework that activates the scent within 2 seconds.

“This is the equivalent of putting a man on the moon” says iFart creator Joel Comm who plans on launching a whole line of scent related apps.  “There is virtually no limit to the number of apps we can release with this technology. From the pleasing aroma of chocolate chip cookies to instant colognes, there are literally 1000’s of scent code and aroma combinations that can be released using our proprietary uSmell code.

iFart developers spent months creating the complicated framework, which has been heralded as a programming marvel by leading iPhone developers.

Unfortunately at one point during initial testing several developers were overcome by fumes and had to be hospitalized.   “That was some funky code” said Comm.  

However, Comm says in just days following the incident he was contacted by the Defense Department who wishes to acquire the technology for chemical warfare testing.

iFart’s uSmell Technology will be released for free in iFart Lite, now available in the App Store.  Requires iPhone OS 30.1

Download Free Now

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iFart Lite Just Released in App Store

It has arrived.. the moment millions have been waiting for…  a defining moment in the history of flatulence.

We know the economy is tough these days and that countless 1000’s of people have been saving their pennies so they could afford the greatest fart app of all time.

Even though the original iFart is just $0.99, we realize it’s been out of reach for those who are willing to spend to $200 for a phone and $60 per month on a cell plan.

And let’s face it, it’s not like you can just create farts for free.

So we are proud to present iFart Lite.   Smells Great, Less Expensive.

We’ve cut 10 of our Most Popular Farts for your listening pleasure , and even included our famous security fart feature.

All For Free!

Download on iTunes Today!

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Make Joel’s iPhone Fart Live on uStream

You know some thing’s just have to be seen to be believed.


Free live streaming by Ustream

If we told you that you could make a friend’s iPhone fart anytime you wanted to from 1000’s of miles away, chances are you wouldn’t believe us..

But thanks to uStream and advanced flatulence technologies (AFT) we can prove to you. We challenge you to Fart Joel Comm’s Phone and send him a text message which will appear live on uStream.

All you need is an iPhone, iFart and 3 minutes of your time.

Step 1. Download iFart
Step 2. Load iFart and Press Fart Budz (upper left)
Step 3. Create an Account in our Social Network
Step 4. Add username: joelcomm as your friend.
Step 5. Click Fart Poop Icon to right of joelcomm
Step 6. Choose Fart, Type Message, SEND FART!
Then watch as your fart let’s loose on Joel’s phone

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