Top iPhone App Developer Reveals Sales Data

iPhone developers have long wondered how many sales it takes to get their app into the top 100 of the iTunes App store.

For the first time ever, a top developer has revealed actual units sales and app store rankings that shed light on the question.

Joel Comm, CEO of InfoMedia, Inc. and creator of iFart Mobile (ranked #10 in the Top 100 app in the world) has published very revealing data on his blog.

Addressing variables such as paid vs. free apps, cost of the app and category of app, Comm proceeds to give actual units sold along with overall and category rank for a seven-day period. This data is intended to provide other developers with a point of reference as they seek to profit from their own apps.

“The forums are packed with developers attempting to figure out how many apps you have to sell to be ranked at a certain place in the app store” says Comm. “I’m pleased to be the first to release our internal data to help other developers set a target they can aim for.”

To view methodology and data, visit Joel Comm’s blog.

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