May the Farts Be With You… Always

To celebrate the release of our Fart Wars pack we discovered this outtake from Star Wars.

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What’s Your iFart Name?

There may be other Name Generators out there, but Farts are so much funnier. Download Full Graphic to Share!

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People love our fart names so much we thought we'd let you create your own. What's your iFart name? Let us know in comments below and share with your friends!

Posted by iFart on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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App finally answers the age old question – Who Farted?

Denver, CO –  There is a question which dates back thousands of years.

It’s been asked on all seven continents and by people of every race and culture. It doesn’t always require verbalization and often a simple universal recognized facial expression is enough to ask it.

In every language the most common answers to the question are. “It Wasn’t Me”, “Sorry”, and “Oh God”. Note: Canadians tend to answer “Sorry, it wasn’t me, eh

The question is of course “Who Farted?”.

According to a recent Pew poll, 67% of people lie when asked this question, and the problem is just getting worse, especially with the growing popularity of Mexican food.

By 2050, the percentage of those who lie could be as high as 77%.

We expect our politicians to lie, not the flatulators in our life.

So iFart scientists set out to solve this potentially explosive problem. (more…)

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10 Reasons iFart Should Be On Every Phone – Infographic


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