Make Joel’s iPhone Fart Live on uStream

You know some thing’s just have to be seen to be believed.


Free live streaming by Ustream

If we told you that you could make a friend’s iPhone fart anytime you wanted to from 1000’s of miles away, chances are you wouldn’t believe us..

But thanks to uStream and advanced flatulence technologies (AFT) we can prove to you. We challenge you to Fart Joel Comm’s Phone and send him a text message which will appear live on uStream.

All you need is an iPhone, iFart and 3 minutes of your time.

Step 1. Download iFart
Step 2. Load iFart and Press Fart Budz (upper left)
Step 3. Create an Account in our Social Network
Step 4. Add username: joelcomm as your friend.
Step 5. Click Fart Poop Icon to right of joelcomm
Step 6. Choose Fart, Type Message, SEND FART!
Then watch as your fart let’s loose on Joel’s phone

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  1. Finally bought iFart – soooo pleased thanks 🙂

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