iFart Stuns Programming World With New Scent Technology For iPhone

The makers of iFart Mobile, one of the most popular iphone applications of all time have announced a major technological breakthrough in the iPhone platform.

iFart’s developers created an “olfactic framework” which works inside Apple’s SDK and enables them to release digital scents via the iPhone speaker.

When the scent function (codename: uSmell)  is activated in the iFart app, a signal is sent to iFart servers or what they call their “methane mainframes” which returns a coding sequence back to the olfactic framework that activates the scent within 2 seconds.

“This is the equivalent of putting a man on the moon” says iFart creator Joel Comm who plans on launching a whole line of scent related apps.  “There is virtually no limit to the number of apps we can release with this technology. From the pleasing aroma of chocolate chip cookies to instant colognes, there are literally 1000’s of scent code and aroma combinations that can be released using our proprietary uSmell code.

iFart developers spent months creating the complicated framework, which has been heralded as a programming marvel by leading iPhone developers.

Unfortunately at one point during initial testing several developers were overcome by fumes and had to be hospitalized.   “That was some funky code” said Comm.  

However, Comm says in just days following the incident he was contacted by the Defense Department who wishes to acquire the technology for chemical warfare testing.

iFart’s uSmell Technology will be released for free in iFart Lite, now available in the App Store.  Requires iPhone OS 30.1

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  1. Nice April fool! We all just sat here like salivating dogs, and waited for some big release, then it’s an april fool, funny ;).

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  3. Is this an April fools joke? Or are you serious Joel Comm? If this is true, it is amazing. I think this is very possible with technology. Joel is a sick human being.

  4. You had me for a second! This was funny!

  5. Why not just to record your friends farts and play them back on your iPhone?

  6. thats a great april fools !!

  7. Digital scents through iphone speakers, never imagined this form form of technology would emerge. Great work from IFart’s U smell Technology iphone mobile app developers.

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