iFart App Celebrates Billionth Fart Served With Release Of Second Wind

DENVER, Dec. 15, 2015 — In what may potentially be the second greatest comeback in Apple history, the creators of the #1 best-selling iFart Mobile (jumping to the top of the charts for three weeks in December 2008) have released a long-awaited update on the world, iFart Second Wind.

“There are many very serious things happening around the world. That’s why it’s more important than ever to maintain a sense of humor,” says Joel Comm, New York Times Best-Selling author and creator of the infamous novelty app.

“Since its explosive release in 2008, iFart Mobile has been used by millions of people. In fact, iFart scientists have calculated that over a billion virtual farts have been served via the app with no discernible impact on global warming.”

iFart Mobile continues to be mentioned in dozens of publications and media sources from around the globe. It is currently the most popular flatulence application in iTunes, has achieved pop culture status and even has its own Wikipedia page.

Completely free and fully-featured, the newly designed iFart Second Wind provides an updated experience in all its retina-display glory. With two-dozen free sounds at a user’s disposal, the collective amount of virtual methane and hot air released should lift iFart back to the top of the charts.

For those who want more stink and laughs, the Fart Store contains a number of themed Fart Packs available for instant purchase. Themes include the Movie Pack (Harry Pooter, BraveFart and more), the Rock Pack (Van InHalen, Hoobastank and more), the Veggie Pack (Broccoli Bomber), the Celebrity Pack (Will Sniff, Tom Stanks and more) … and just in time for the holidays, the Christmas Pack (Jingle Smells, Blitzen’s Bomber and more…)

iFart Second Wind can be downloaded from the iTunes Appstore at comm.us/ifart

For media inquiries, contact Joel Comm at [email protected] or (657) 200-5635

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