Luke Skidmarker – The most unkindest cut of all

Here’s a sample cut (technically a double cut) from our Fart Wars Pack – Luke Skidmarker.

If Luke hadn’t eaten broccoli from the Dagobah system, he’d still have his hand.

Get all the Fart Wars cuts for just $0.99!


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May the Farts Be With You… Always

To celebrate the release of our Fart Wars pack we discovered this outtake from Star Wars.

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How did we miss this video?

It’s impossible to keep up with all the press iFart continues to get, but we stumbled upon this video today and felt like sharing.  There’s just something about beautiful women talking about iFart, that’s hard to resist.

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Are You A Social Farter?

Are you a social farter or just a victim of second hand farts? We thought we’d share a cut from this important public service message with you today.

If you’re a social farter, please fart responsibly. The iFart app is environmentally friendly and leaves no harmful after effects.

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