iFart Mentioned on The Big Bang Theory

Okay, it would only be logical that Raj is talking about iFart here.. We probably should have named a fart Bazinga!

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iFart Breaks Into Song For Our Fifth Anniversary

It’s been five years since the release of the World’s Most Infamous App;  iFart Mobile.

To celebrate we decided to have a little fun with a parody of Katy Perry’s roar. “Fart” might have a familiar scent if you’re a fan of Weird Al Yankovic.  Click play and hold your nose.

With original lyrics by iFart creator Joel Comm, music track by Dustin Aßmuteit, vocals by the previously undiscovered Angel Butts and produced by Christopher Troy of Trahan Music, the song and video will hopefully inspire women to break loose once in awhile.

“Even five years after becoming headlines around the world, iFart continues to be purchased from the iTunes app store daily.” said Comm. He continued, “It’s a pop-culture phenomenon where even celebrities such as George Clooney, Lance Armstrong, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Kathie Lee Gifford and David Duchovney have experienced and delighted in the humor of this best-selling novelty app. What better way to celebrate iFart’s hang-time than through song?”

Fart is available for purchase in iTunes and the original iFart Mobile app is available for purchase in the iTunes Appstore.

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Game Informer Breaks Wind with Peter Molyneux

fart app reviewsThe iFart media scentsation just never seems to dissipate.

Dan Ryckert of Game Informer recently sat down with famed game designer Peter Molyneux to critique three fart apps. Atomic FartFart!!, and iFart Lite.

They played a number of farts and Peter offered his own very clever new feature ideas.

We aren’t going to tell you which App he liked the best, so you’ll have to watch the video here.


He liked iFart Lite the best!

Imagine if they had used our regular version.



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Are You A Social Farter?

Are you a social farter or just a victim of second hand farts? We thought we’d share a cut from this important public service message with you today.

If you’re a social farter, please fart responsibly. The iFart app is environmentally friendly and leaves no harmful after effects.

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Fart For Your Rights

Record company breaks contract.  Artist breaks wind.

How can one small, mobile and not-very-intelligent unit fight the blast-door of lawyers that protect the world’s largest media company?

Many musicians and artists have faced the same problem, but few have worked their butts off quite like this to find a solution – fart outside the offices of their nemesis and post the video on YouTube.

Punk Sanderson, author of a series of semi-fictional exposes of the music industry, has filmed his protest: Fart For Your Rights!

“It’s like the Occupy Movement, only smellier. We’ve called bankers, politicians and ‘phone-hackers to account – now it’s time for major record labels. They trample over musicians’ rights and rather than owning up and offering fair settlement, reach for expensive lawyers. It would cost over £300,000 to fight them in the courts – who’s got that kind of money?”

So, armed with a battery of slogans – “Fart For Farts Sake,” “All You Need Is Wind,” “With A Little Fart From Your Friends” – the intention is to encourage Dinosaur Inc to own up, get ethical and improve business practices.

“The major record labels are happy enough chasing college kids who infringe their own copyrights. This campaign blows them towards taking their own copyright abuse seriously.

Any artist can join the protest, get the iFart app on their phone, and blast away in meetings with their record label. Or just trigger it anyway. We are on the scent of something big.”

All Punk’s found-sounds are of organic origin.

Watch Video Here

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