Dinosaur Fart Sounds Video – Jurassic Farts

Our Jurassic Fart Sound pack is a big hit.

If your kids love dinosaurs, play them this video.   They’ll hear Mega Gassadon, DreadMa Poopus, Stinkasaurus Rex and Toota Dactyl.

Yes, these are actual Dinosaur Farts (okay, not really)

Get ALL TEN Dinosaur Fart Sounds when you download iFart*

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New Jurassic Fart Pack Available on iOS

jurassic fartsWe’re pleased to announce our latest fart pack has just been approved in iTunes.

If you’re an iFart Pro user the fart pack is bundled in the latest update.

The Jurassic Fart Pack includes:

  • CrackaSaurus
  • DreadMaPoopus
  • GruntaSaurus
  • Mega Gassadon
  • Smellus Magnificus
  • Stego Buttockus
  • StinkaSaurus Rex (actual picture shown on right)
  • Toota Dactyl
  • TriceroFarts
  • VelociRipper

Free users on iOS and Android will have to wait a bit to hear the prehistoric rumbling fart sounds of these flatulence loving dinosaurs.

But you can grab ALL our Fart Packs for just $1.99 today!

Download Today on iTunes

Okay, need a sample? See our Dinosaur Sounds video.

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Presidential Debates – Fart Sounds

If doesn’t matter who you’re voting for this video is pretty funny.  When you’re watching the 2016 Debates remember Trump and Clinton both have to hold their farts in for 90 minutes.  That’s impressive. (more…)

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Crying Girl Meme – My Dad Just Downloaded a Fart App

fart app

Did your Dad just download a Fart App?

If so, share this meme to let the world know how you feel.

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We understand this can be a traumatic experience, but trust us, if they downloaded iFart, everything’s going to be okay.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry.

Life will go on.

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